home buyer guideThe Arizona Buyer Advisory is a great resource that try’s to put all the information about the real estate buying process at your fingertips! You are not alone in the buying process in trying to figure out what is important, we are here to help.
The Buyer Advisory is a guide in getting most of your questions answered. The buyer guide is broken down in sections.  Do you know what the most common documents every buyer should review are? What is the best way to check the physical conditions in the property?
Arizona law, the any seller selling their home must disclose all material facts and history of their property.  The most common document used is the “SPDS”, Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement.
The Buyer Advisory is from the Arizona Association of Realtors and we will be more than happy to provide your a Free copy today!

Arizona Buyer Advisory

This Buyer Advisory is a great resource to assist real estate buyers and sellers getting most of their questions answered if we are interested in purchasing real estate in Arizona. 

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